7 Benefits of Using Coconut Based Hair Oil to Make Your Hair Shiny, Smooth, & Healthy

Mar 14, 2023

10 mins

Srijita Biswas

Why Opt for Coconut-Based Hair Oil?

Winter months can be rough, especially for our hair. The dry and cold weather often dehydrates the scalp, causing irritation, itchiness and flakiness. Moreover, regular grooming practices like shampooing, combing and heat styling can leave your hair exposed to damage, making it brittle, frizzy and dull-looking.

Under such circumstances, one wonder product we can all rely on would be the trusted coconut-based hair oil, such as Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil. But why do we swear by it?

Well, there is sufficient scientific evidence that supports our claim that coconut based hair oil can work wonders for dry, brittle and dull hair. It is known to deeply penetrate the scalp and nourish the roots from within for longer, stronger and thicker hair.

Here are some reasons why dermatologists and skin experts say that using coconut-based hair oil is highly beneficial to restore health and strength to your hair.

  • It is packed with Lauric Acid, a beneficial fatty acid that is beneficial for hair, skin and overall health.
  • It also contains Oleic Acid, a monounsaturated Omega-9 fatty acid that can help maintain healthy skin, hair and body.
  • Its mild, calming scent helps to soothe the senses.
  • It helps to keep moisture locked in your skin by forming a protective layer.

7 Reasons Why Coconut Based Hair Oil is a Must-Have This Winter

Still not convinced about the benefits, here are seven reasons you should introduce a coconut-based hair oil, such as the Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil in your hair care regime immediately.

  • Reduces Frizz: As mentioned earlier, coconut-based hair oils are rich in hair-friendly nutrients like Lauric Acid. The acid is known to deeply nourish hair from within. It, in turn helps to reduce frizz and make hair more manageable. 


  • Adds Shine: Studies show coconut based hair oil penetrates deeper into the scalp versus other oils. Moreover, it nourishes the roots and locks in moisture. Thus, with the regular application, you’ll notice you have shiny, smooth and soft hair.


  • Strengthens Hair: Dermatologists say coconut based hair oil is a powerhouse of hair-friendly nutrients. Experts advise massaging your scalp with a coconut-based hair oil like Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil a minimum of 3 times a week. It helps strengthen hair and reduce split ends.


  • Reduces Hair Loss: One of the biggest reasons we experience hair loss is a lack or loss of protein. The high Lauric Acid content in coconut based hair oil locks in the nourishment and helps prevent loss of protein from hair, thus reducing hair loss significantly.


  • Promotes Hair Growth: Gently massaging your scalp with a coconut-based hair oil like Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Experts say that doing this at least three times a week can accelerate the hair growth cycle and promote healthy hair growth.


  • Prevents Damage: Coconut based hair oil forms a protective shield around your hair and locks in essential moisture and nutrients. It, in turn, helps protect the hair from heat, pollution, dust, dirt and other environmental factors that otherwise cause significant damage to your hair.


  • Easy-to-Use: Coconut based hair oil is highly versatile and easy to apply to the hair. You can enhance its efficiency by adding other hair-friendly ingredients, such as aloe vera, fenugreek, curry leaves, lemon juice, and more. You can also heat the oil using the double-boiler method for a relaxing hot oil massage on a cold winter morning.

These are only a handful of benefits of this wonder ingredient. To make the most out of your coconut-based hair oil, experts say that consistency is key.

Suggested Application

Gently massage your scalp with sufficient coconut based hair oil, using your fingertips at least thrice a week before washing. 

Some skincare enthusiasts recommend applying coconut based hair oil on your hair after shampooing as a leave-in conditioner. It acts as a protective shield and prevents damage to hair due to dirt, dust, pollution and other elements of nature.

Final Words

Time and again, studies have shown the efficacy of coconut-based hair oil for healthier and thicker hair growth. The oil is beneficial in strengthening the hair roots, nourishing brittle hair and avoiding common scalp concerns during winter, like itchiness, flakiness and irritation.

We hope you are ready to tackle your winter hair concerns. As for us, we will be relying on our bottle of Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I apply coconut based hair oil to my hair regularly?

During winter, your scalp often becomes dehydrated. Regularly massaging with coconut-based hair oil can work wonders to nourish your scalp with the lost nutrients. We recommend using the Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil minimum of 3 times a week; for longer, healthier, and thicker hair.

2. Can I leave coconut based hair oil in my hair overnight?

If your scalp feels too dry, leave the coconut based hair oil in for a few hours or even overnight. Alternatively, you can wrap your hair in a towel steeped in hot water after massaging it with coconut based hair oil for healthy and soft hair.

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