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Dandruff: Causes, Prevention, and Remedies

Jun 6, 2023

10 mins

Biswajit Singh


Stressed out due to white flakes all over your shoulders? Want to get rid of dandruff forever?

Dandruff could be extremely irritating and embarrassing. We understand your concern and will explain everything that you need to know to understand and control the problem.

We will also explain the benefits of one of the best hair oils for dandruff Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil. Use the recommended hair oil with a gentle shampoo and conditioner for the perfect outcome for your lovely locks.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a common skin ailment. It makes scalp skin flaky, and visible on the scalp and hair.

It is not a medically serious condition but an extremely embarrassing and irritating experience.

This noninflammatory, chronic, scaling scalp condition might cause itchy and dry skin. Skin flakes can appear white or grey according to climate and hair tone.

Why does dandruff happen?

Many reasons can lead to a flaky scalp.

  • Dry skin
  • A common yeast-like Malassezia fungus. It breeds on the scalp in adults, feeds on excess oily skin, and breaks down the oil in the skin.
  • Psoriasis and eczema-like skin ailments
  • Dirty hair, sweat, and oil are poor hair hygiene. It can cause dandruff and itchiness.
  • Sensitiveness towards hair care products


Risk Factors

You can have dandruff at any age irrespective of gender, climate, and other factors. However, the following factors put a person at a higher risk.


Age: Study says, people in young adulthood experience dandruff problems more than other age groups.


Male: Males are at greater risk of dandruff problems than their female counterparts.


Diseases: Illnesses that affect the nervous system and immune system such as Parkinson’s disease, HIV, etc., increase the risk of mild dandruff.

Symptoms of Dandruff

  • Itchiness on the scalp. It leads to hair fall because when you itch your scalp, it puts pressure on the hair and makes them weak.
  • Grey or white skin flakes on the scalp, eyebrows, beard, shoulders, etc.
  • Crusty scalp among infants

*Stress and the winter season aggravate dandruff conditions.

Four Prevention and Remedial Measures

Four approaches to control dandruff-

1. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos work if you experience mild to moderate dandruff conditions. 


2. Ayurvedic Hair Oils

Ayurvedic hair oils with essential herbs like neem are believed to have powerful anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. Together they can control the spread of dandruff all over your scalp. Once controlled you can use one of the best hair oils with gentle shampoo to keep it checked.

Herbs like neem can be used in multiple ways like neem water, neem leaf hair pack, neem with coconut-based hair oil and ayurvedic hair oils that have neem as Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil. 

Hair oils that have Neem, Amla, Bhringraj, and other herbs provide a holistic solution to control dandruff, reduce itchiness, and support the strength of hair. Lower itchiness means less stress on the hair and decreased hair fall.

3. Home Remedies

Few time-tested home treatments with one of the best hair oils

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 
    • Mix apple cider vinegar and water
    • Apply it gently on wet hair after washing or bathing
    • Leave it for around 15 minutes and rinse it properly
    • Repeat this procedure three times a week to keep dandruff under-control

  • Coconut Based Hair Oils and Lemon Essentials

Coconut-based hair oils like Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil and lemon improve dandruff problems. Follow the process and uplift hair confidence now.

    • Take two tablespoons of coconut-based hair oil and blend it in an equal proportion of lemon juice.
    • Apply the combination on the scalp and gently massage for 10 to 15 minutes
    • Leave it for around 20 minutes and rinse it off with a healthy shampoo
    • Conduct the procedure three times a week for the desired hold on the dandruff spread

  • Other Home-based Hair Treatments

    • Neem and honey paste for hair
    • Combination of mehndi, curd, and lemon juice
    • Hair pack of fenugreek (methi) seeds, water, and lemon juice
    • Paste of lemon juice and orange peel etc.,

*Follow the process carefully to make these hair packs and apply them gently on the scalp and hair. Ideally using three times a week improve your hair confidence and reduce skin flakes. It also helps to reduce hair fall.


4. Dermatologist or Doctor Prescribed Treatment

As mentioned at the outset, dandruff usually doesn’t require medical treatment. You can control it with ayurvedic hair oils, OTC medicines, and home remedies. However, if you feel the following conditions, it's time to visit a dermatologist.

  • Dandruff is not reducing despite all the remedies mentioned above
  • All-the-time or frequent itching
  • Reddish scalp and condition affecting other body parts
  • If the dandruff condition is not improving despite proper hair hygiene and a healthy diet

Consult a doctor, explain your condition, and follow the treatment as prescribed.

Advantages of Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Dandruff Control


  • Minimises itchiness on the scalp and supports control of hair fall.
  • Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil contains essentials of Neem, Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Amla, and several other effective herbs.
  • Neem provides the goodness of antioxidants. It significantly reduces scalp irritation and controls dandruff. 
  • Bhringraj strengthens hair roots and supports healthy hair growth.
  • Amla is rich in Vitamin C and reduces split ends. It also controls the premature greying of your beautiful hair.
  • It is one of the best hair oils with 25 powerful ayurvedic herbs.
  • Recommended by real women users
  • A complete package for your hair care, this ayurvedic hair oil controls dandruff, hair thinning, split ends, roughness, dull and dry scalp, etc.


1. Can Dandruff be Cured Permanently?

Dandruff can be controlled but not cured forever. Use anti-dandruff oils, home remedies and gentle shampoos to keep it under control.


2. Is Dandruff Medically Dangerous?

It is a common skin problem without severe health repercussions. Your scalp may feel itchy and dry. Apply Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil for better control over your hair woes.

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