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Parachute Advansed Jasmine Coconut Oil for Shiny Hair


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About Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil

It’s time for your hair to take the spotlight and bring out its shine with Parachute Advansed Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut hair oil! It's a fantastic blend of 2 super potent ingredients - Coconut based hair oil and Vitamin E. It nourishes hair and leaves it soft, silky, and shiny. Coconut based hair oil for hair is the best as it can penetrate 10x deeper into hair and nourish it from within, while Vitamin E increases hair strength and brings out the shine alive. What’s more, it’s so light and non-sticky, that it’s a perfect hair oil for women and men as it’s easy to apply on your hair after a hair-wash and style it the way you want. It’s loaded with Jasmine extracts that leaves a soothing and refreshing fragrance all day long. For best results, apply Parachute Advansed Jasmine coconut hair oil at least 3 times a week to get the shine that your hair deserves !!!


Parachute Advanced Jasmine Hair Oil Benefit 4

Healthy Shiny Hair

Parachute Advanced Jasmine Hair Oil Benefit 3

Light & Non-Sticky Oil for Everyday Use

Parachute Advanced Jasmine Hair Oil Benefit 2

Soothing Fragrance

Key Ingredients


Coconut oil penetrate 10x deep into the hair, moisturize and nourish it thereby making it stronger than before

Vitamin E

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil with Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E helps reduce hair damage, repairs and strengthen it thereby restoring the natural shine that lasts long

Jasmine Extracts

Pleasant and refreshing fragrance that leaves you feeling refreshed

How to Use for Best Results

Jasmine Oil Usage 1

Step 1

Take enough oil on your palm

Step 2

Gently massage on the hair from root to tip

Step 3

Leave it on for 30-45 mins for the shine that your hair deserves

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil

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What ingredients go into the making of Parachute Advansed Jasmine Oil?

The ingredients of Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil are – Coconut Oil, Vitamin E & Jasmine Extracts. It is the blend of these ingredients that gives your hair a gorgeous and healthy shine.

How to use Parachute Advansed Jasmine Oil?

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Oil is a non-sticky oil which can be used as both a pre and post hair wash solution. It gives your hair a healthy shine.

How to order for a specific location?

You can buy this from any nearby kirana or self service store. Incase not available you can also purchase it on any one of the below portals -
Big Basket

For how long can I store Parachute Advansed Jasmine Oil

The product has a shelf life of 3 years and hence it is advisable to not use after the expiry date.

Is Parachute Advansed Jasmine oil an Indian product?

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair oil is an Indian Product. It belongs to the house of Marico, which has nurtured various trusted household brands like Saffola, Parachute Advansed, Set Wet and Livon.

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Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil

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Amazon customer



Unlike the normal parachute advansed coconut based hair oil, this hair oil leaves hair less sticky and also the fragrance of jasmine is much better than coconut based hair oil. I use this at the night and apply Marico true roots lotion after washing my hair and my grey hair has reduced, in less than 2 months. Thanks to this hair oil. I have long black shiny hair now.




Parachute advanced Coconut jasmine oil is perfect for your hairs. It makes hair so smooth , silky and shinning

Amazon customer



This is light hair oil. Makes hair so soft for long time. I would prefer this over hair mask as this makes my hair soooo soft. VALUE for money, comes with such great quantity at this price.

Hardik Bhatia



Parachute Advansed coconut based hair oil is one of the best hair oil which is used in my home. Use this hair oil for hair growth and for shiny, smooth, silky hair. Must buy the product.

Asiya Shafi



Best non stick hair oil to use. Fragrance is great and doesn't last long. Keeps your hair tangle free and frictionless. Hence one of my essentials for hair.

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