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Different Types Of Hair Oil for Complete Hair Care

Feb 23, 2023

10 mins

Shilpee Singh

Hair oil is an integral product that serves multiple purposes and helps you achieve healthy hair easily. There are countless ways of using hair oil, from products infused with hair oils to homemade oil hair masks, and once you decode the significance of all, nothing can stop you from inching closer to your hair goals. 

However, before you start thinking about including coconut based hair oil, jasmine infused coconut hair oil, or any other hair oil into your hair care routine, you need to understand what each of these hair oils does and which ones work well for you. This is why we’re here - to help you find the perfect hair oil for your hair type and needs, and enlighten you on how they can make a difference in your hair regime.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hair Oils That Are Best For Hair?


1. Coconut-based hair oil 

If you have damaged and dry hair, you should definitely consider doing coconut-based hair oil massage. It is super beneficial not only for women but also for men. Here are some benefits of coconut based hair oil -

  • Provides  nourishment
  • Protects hair from external aggressors
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Conditions the hair deeply
  • Combats dandruff
  • Repairs split ends
  • Helps delay greying



2Aloe vera hair oil 

If there’s one magic hair oil that can cure all your hair woes, it is aloe vera hair oil. This is a one-stop solution as it is loaded with numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that benefit your hair and scalp immensely. If you struggle with frizzy, unmanageable hair then Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is your go-to guide. It penetrates deeper into your scalp and nourishes from within. Here are more benefits of the Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil -

  • Combats frizzy hair
  • Strengthens roots
  • Provides deep nourishment 
  • Makes hair softer
  • Keeps scalp healthy



3. Vitamin E hair oil 

Using vitamin E oil for hair can help improve the health of your scalp as it is a potent antioxidant. It acts as a protective barrier for the surface of your hair and can help you achieve maximum benefits. If you’re looking for solutions for hair fall and thinning, try using hair oil infused with vitamin E for hair. Here are the benefits of using vitamin E oil –

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Increases hair shine
  • Enhances hair strength



4. Jasmine infused coconut hair oil 

Jasmine-infused coconut hair oil is loved by many, thanks to the sweet-smelling fragrance it leaves behind and the wonderful benefits it has on your hair. And we have the perfect product for you to make the most of this hair oil. Using the Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil can visibly improve scalp health and nourish rough hair by allowing the ingredients to penetrate into the scalp r. Here are the benefits of Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil –

  • Adds shine to the hair
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Tames frizzy hair
  • Leaves behind a beautiful fragrance



5. Ayurvedic hair oil 

Ayurvedic hair oil helps fight multiple hair problems on one the go. But why should you consider using the Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil? Because it is packed with the power of 25 Ayurvedic ingredients such as amla, henna, neem, and tulsi, which help control dandruff, hair fall, and seven major hair problems. Here are the benefits of using  Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil – 

  • Controls hair fall
  • Combats scalp itchiness and irritation 
  • Helps Increases blood flow when massaged
  •  Helps Prevents  dandruff
  • Conditions the scalp

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What Is The Best Way To Add A Hair Oil To Your Hair Care Routine?


If you are ready to include hair oil into your hair care routine, here are some ways to use Parachute Advansed’s hair oils and achieve umpteen benefits effortlessly:

    1. Heat any coconut based hair oil of your choice for a few seconds. Don’t overheat it. You can also use the Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil and apply it directly on your scalp and the entire length of your hair. This will help you relax and also nourish your hair instantly.
    2. The Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil can also be used as a conditioner on days when your hair feels extremely dry. To do so, you need to simply apply a few drops of it to the lengths of your hair post-shampooing. This will give you smooth and soft hair all the time.
    3. You can achieve innumerable benefits of a hair mask by using Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil and creating your customized hair mask, depending on your hair type and needs. If you are dealing with hair thinning, then use amla powder with aloe vera hair oil to make your strands stronger.
    4. You can use the Aloe Vera Coconut Based Hair Oil as a pre-shampoo conditioner to protect your locks from damage while shampooing. Create a pre-poo by applying Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil as a pre-wash conditioner. Apply to your strands a few minutes before you shampoo. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Keep these things in mind and explore the wide range of Parachute Advansed Hair Oils to pamper your hair with the love and care it needs and flaunt the hair of your dreams. These hair oils are non-sticky and formulated with nourishing ingredients that make them some of the best products to add to your regular hair care routine.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hair Oils To Improve Your Hair Health


1. Which hair oil is best for daily use for hair?

One of the best hair oil for daily use is Coconut based hair oil as it has multiple benefits and nourishes the hair deeply.


2. Which hair oil will make hair grow faster?

Coconut-based hair oil protects your hair from damage and helps stimulate hair growth. These have been used for several years and are scientifically proven, These are good for taking care of hair fall.

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