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Reasons behind persistent hair fall and 5 ways to tackle the problem

Apr 20, 2023

10 mins

Shilpee Singh

Reasons behind persistent hair fall and 5 ways to tackle the problem


Hair fall is an issue faced by all. Keeping in mind the lifestyle that we have these days it was bound to happen. There is contamination everywhere, be it the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we use on our hair. Losing around 100 strands a day is completely normal, but anything beyond that can be a matter of concern. Boosting healthy hair growth by taking conscious measures can be a solution to your problems. 

Hair fall can lead to an inferiority complex among people. Some are not bothered with their hair fall but others may cover it up with hairstyles, makeup, hats, or scarves. Over a period of time, for some, it may start reflecting on their personality. It is best to address the issue, get to its root, and reduce hair fall. Taking baby steps towards good hair care can offer you strong, beautiful, long hair within months. Before this, it is important to understand the reason behind hair fall. The reasons can be innumerable, but below stated are some of the most common reasons behind excessive hair fall.

Causes for hair fall 

As we discussed, the reasons for hair fall can be many. Keeping a finger on one particular reason is tough, so the best is to work on the areas that are in our control. First and foremost let us list down some of the most common hair fall reasons:  



  • Inappropriate diet- Various nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, and iron are needed for healthy long hair. Moreover, a diet that lacks protein also affects hair growth.
  • Not taking enough care of the hair- In the era that we are living in, time is the most precious thing that we possess. Healthy long, shiny hair calls for pampering. It demands time from you as does a baby from a mother. 
  • Hereditary- Some reasons behind hair fall are not in our control. If it runs in your family to lose hair then you can't help much.  
  • Climate change- Climate change is a major reason behind hair fall. The drop or rise in temperature will affect the texture and strength of your hair. 
  • Heat styling- Subjecting your hair to too much heat for straightening and curling can lead to moisture loss and will ultimately lead to hair fall. 
  • Stress- A hair strand goes through hair growth, slowed down hair growth, stagnant hair growth, and ultimately hair fall. Studies have shown that excess stress hormones in the blood lead to a quicker transition to the last stage which is hair fall. 
  • Excessive Chemical Application- Excessive chemicals, shampooing, blow-drying, bleaching, coloring, ironing, and styling lead to hair fall. These strip the hair of its moisture and make it brittle, dry, and more susceptible to breakage.
  • Hard water in your locality- If the water in your locality has a lot of calcium and magnesium it can lead to dandruff, dry hair, and hair fall. 
  • Cotton pillow covers- One of the reasons behind hair fall can be the friction between your hair and the cotton pillow cover. It is very common for dermatologists to suggest sleeping on pillows with a satin cover.

5 ways to tackle your hair fall issue 

If there is a problem, there has to be a solution. Most hair fall problems happen for a reason. The hair has to be made strong from the inside to deal with the problems that bother from the outside. Below listed are some of the tips  to deal with hair fall.


  1. Scalp massage- The scalp like any other part of the body needs proper blood circulation. One must take time to nourish their scalp with good quality coconut based hair oil like Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil and see unbelievable results within days. 
  2. Use the right shampoo- The shampoo that you use should be gentle. Dilute the shampoo with water and then apply it to the hair and the scalp, this way the product will be distributed evenly throughout the head and you will also end up using less than usual shampoo quantity. 
  3. Stay away from heat styling- Heat is not at all good for the surface of the hair. It curbs hair growth. You must reduce the amount of heat that you expose the hair to. The best is always to wash and let the hair air dry. 
  4. Maintain a healthy diet - Eating a healthy, balanced meal will work wonders on your hair growth. Make sure you eat foods rich in Zinc, Iron, Protein, and essential vitamins to your diet.
  5. Deep condition once in a while - You can warm a little bit of Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil in a glass bowl and apply to the root end first, and work it through the strands with your fingertips. Now wrap with a wet warm towel and leave for 10 minutes. Further, shampoo and rinse well. This deep conditioning will make the roots stronger. 




1. Which hair oil is the best for brittle and dry hair?

It is believed that coconut based hair oils are the best for all hair types. They reduce hair fall and also boost healthy hair growth. Massaging the scalp and oiling the hair twice a week with Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hot Oil can be helpful in dealing with dry hair problems. 


2. How to make sure your hair stays healthy all through the year?

Oiling with a good quality coconut based hair oil like Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil and maintaining a healthy diet will boost healthy hair growth from within. These are the steps you must include in your regime all year round.

About the Author:

Hi, my name is Shilpee Singh. I am an English Literature graduate and a Linguistics postgraduate from Delhi University. I am a believer in sustainable living and try to lead a holistic life. I try to promote natural product usage in work, life, and play wherever possible. Views expressed are my own.


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