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5 Benefits of Coconut-based Hair Oils and Coconut Milk for Hair

Jun 19, 2023

10 mins

Biswajit Singh

Do you know coconut-based hair oils can penetrate up to 10x deeper in hair follicles and nourish hair from root to tip?

Coconut milk and coconut-based hair oils are a couple of nature’s best-kept secrets. Their excellent healthy properties for hair, scalp and entire body make them a favourite of people from all age groups.

Difference between Coconut Milk and Coconut-based Oils for Hair Care


The Coconut oil used in jasmine-infused coconut-based hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil and coconut milk differ in their production process. Both of these coconut products are made from coconut pulp.


Coconut based hair oils are derived by pressing the pulp and extracting fats. Whereas coconut milk is processed like coconut cream. First, you must heat the pulp in water and extract the resultant high-fat milk to apply as per your requirements. Coconut milk comes in canned and diluted forms.

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Let us explore the five benefits of these wonderful products of coconut and the process of applying them to improve hair and scalp health.

Five Benefits of Coconut Milk and Coconut-based Hair Oils


1. Moisturising Effect

Coconut based hair oils are rich in fatty acids. Research says coconut-based hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil can penetrate up to 10x deeper in hair shafts. It locks the required quantity of moisture.

You require moisture for fine, coarse, and all other categories of hair. Lack of moisture cause dryness and leads to hair damage like split ends, brittle, frizz, and tangled strands. Therefore, include coconut milk and coconut based hair oils in your hair care regime to maintain healthy and soft hair.


2. Slows Hair Fall Condition

Coconut milk and coconut based hair oils with excellent natural fatty acids help maintain the moisture on the scalp and hair roots. Moisture supports reducing dryness of the scalp and hair. Lesser dryness led to strengthening hair roots and strands. It causes lower hair fall and a healthy scalp.

Controlling hair fall is vital to minimise the risk of baldness, hair loss, and advanced hair fall conditions. Essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins in coconut-based hair oils and coconut milk slow down hair fall. These natural ingredients strengthen the scalp and nourish hair roots.


3. Controls Dandruff

Dry skin and lack of moisture aggravate dandruff conditions. It is white or grey skin flakes usually generate due to diverse scalp conditions. Coconut milk and coconut based hair oils with anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties can support to control of dandruff.

Use a gentle shampoo, conditioner, and coconut-based hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil for dandruff-controlled soft hair.


4. Relieves Scalp Conditions

Dermatitis (a medical name for skin problems) can cause hair damage and scalp ailments. Eczema (mostly hereditary) and Psoriasis are severe skin conditions. Skin conditions and diseases make the scalp itchy and flaky. It leads to dry skin, and dandruff, and opens pandora ew4box of scalp and hair problems.

According to a paper published in ResearchGate, coconut based hair oils and coconut milk with anti-inflammatory conditions, protein, and other properties support to treat skin ailments. It also helps to prevent early ageing signs, and antioxidant features support degenerative diseases.


5. Overall Nourishment for Hair and Scalp

  • Coconut milk and coconut-based hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil help to provide overall nourishment for the scalp and hair
  • Coconut based hair oils and coconut milk are rich sources of lauric acid. It is a medium-chain fatty acid. Lauric acid helps to protect hair from breakage and strengthen hair roots.
  • These coconut products loaded with natural ingredients help to re-grow damaged hair. These ingredients provide the required protein and refill protein loss.
  • Ideally, three times a week oiling with coconut based hair oils supports to control of lice and lice eggs. Given their outstanding benefits on skin and hair, companies are using coconut milk and coconut-based hair oil as a base ingredient for several hair care products like conditions, dandruff relief creams etc.
  • A peer-reviewed paper in ResearchGate mentioned that coconut-based hair oil controls moisture in hair roots and helps to protect against hair damage due to hygral fatigue (over-conditioned hair).
  • Regular massaging with coconut-based hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil and a hair mask made with coconut milk can help rejuvenate the chronically dry scalp and control dandruff.

Sources of Coconut Milk for Healthy and Soft Hair


You can use the following methods to apply coconut milk to your healthy hair.

  • Homemade hair mask with coconut milk
  • Virgin coconut milk and apply on the scalp for deep nourishment
  • Over-the-counter hair care products with essentials of coconut milk
  • You can include coconut milk in your diet. Medicinal benefits help to improve the overall health of the scalp and hair follicles.

How to apply Coconut-based Hair Oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil for Hair Care?


  • Take enough oil on the palm
  • Gently massage your hair from root to top
  • Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes for the shine your hair deserves

Steps to apply Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil (refer to website)



1. Which hair type is best to apply coconut-based hair oils?

Though you can apply coconut-based hair oils on all categories of hair, it works better on fine to medium-shiny hair. You should oil your hair thrice a week for strong and healthy locks.


2. Does coconut milk help boost hair growth?

Make a mixture of coconut milk and lemon juice. Apply the combination to the hair and leave it for around 45 to 50 minutes. Use a healthy shampoo to wash it and repeat the process at least once a week for a nourished scalp and improvement in hair growth.

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