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7 Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing the Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall

May 12, 2023

10 mins

Srijita Biswas



Whether it’s because of genetics or environmental factors, hair fall is a universal problem, irrespective of who you are. While losing a few strands is not unusual, acute hair fall can be a source of constant frustration and embarrassment. However, did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way always? With the right hair oil, you can help tackle various hair concerns like dullness, roughness, dandruff, hair fall, and more for healthy, strong, and silky hair.

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When it comes to choosing a hair oil for hair fall, there are several things to consider. Here are seven things to keep in mind when selecting a hair oil for hair fall:

Consider These Things before You Choose Your Hair Oil

Ingredients: It’s important to select a hair oil made with safe ingredients that do not irritate your skin on application. Before purchasing, you must check the label to see if it contains any harmful chemicals or allergens. To be safe, we recommend doing a patch test before application whenever you are trying a new product. It will help you understand whether it is the right one for you or not.

Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil

The Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil is a vitamin E-enriched coconut-based hair oil. It provides deep nourishment from within to promote healthy hair growth and strengthens the strands to prevent breakage.


Moisturising Properties: Hair fall is often caused by a lack of moisture in the scalp and hair. Opt for a coconut oil infused with hair-friendly herbs like Black Pepper, Ajwain, and Hibiscus. Such an oil deeply conditions your hair and is extremely useful in tackling hair problems, especially during cold and dry weather.

 Parachute Advansed Hot Hair Oil

Benefits: Most hair oils have multiple beneficial properties. When choosing a hair oil to tackle hair fall, you can consider choosing one that also promotes hair growth, tackles premature greying, or any other hair concern you have.

Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil

If you ask us, our favourite, in this case, is the Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil. It is a coconut-based hair oil infused with the goodness of twenty-five herbs known to promote hair growth, such as Amla, Meethi, Henna, Japa, Yashtimadhu, Bhringaraj, Brahmi, and more. It penetrates deep into your scalp and nourishes the roots to tackle concerns like breakage, premature, greying, dullness and more for thicker, silkier hair.


Essential Nutrients: Your hair oil is a treasure trove of essential nutrients like Vitamin E. It is a hair-friendly nutrient that reduces damage caused by dust, dirt and pollution and repairs it for stronger hair.

Parachute Advansed Onion Hair Oil

You can opt for the Parachute Advansed Onion Hair Oil, which is infused with the goodness of onion extracts. It deeply nourishes your hair and helps reduce hair fall to a large extent. 


Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Inflammation can cause hair fall, so look for a hair oil that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera. It will help reduce inflammation and promote healthy hair growth.

Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Hair Oil

Read Reviews: With easy accessibility to the Internet, it is easy to access reviews related to any services or products. Reading the reviews gives you a first-hand account of how the product works or doesn’t. It is always advisable to opt for a hair oil with many positive reviews across multiple platforms, as it stands tried, tested and proven by various independent users.


Price: While it’s important to consider quality when selecting a hair oil, it’s also important to consider your budget. There are a variety of hair oils on the market, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget.

Final Words

These are just a few things you should consider when choosing a hair oil for hair fall. Remember that choosing the right hair oil for yourself is elemental to ensure that you get maximum benefits. Also, we recommend applying your chosen hair oil regularly to reduce hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am experiencing acute hair fall problems, will it aggravate the problem if I apply coconut based hair oil regularly?

Coconut based hair oils are proven to penetrate deep into the scalp and nourish your hair at the roots. Moreover, it creates a protective shield on your hair strands to prevent them from further damage and breakage. These properties make coconut-based hair oils like the Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair Oil ideal for tackling problems like damage due to pollution, breakage, roughness, dullness, and more. Do see your doctor for acute hair fall that might be caused by other conditions. 


2. Can I leave my hair oil overnight?

You can apply your hair oil and leave it overnight for deep nourishment. However, remember to cover your hair with a satin or microfiber cloth before heading off to bed to avoid breakage due to friction. Alternatively, if you are experiencing hair fall and breakage, you can also consider switching your regular cotton pillowcases with satin ones.

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