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Countless Benefits of Coconut-based Hair oils

Jul 11, 2023

10 mins

Biswajit Singh

Do you know coconut-based hair oils account for the largest revenue share among hair oils in South Asia?


A report on market trends of best hair oils by Emergen Research establishes the statement. The report further says about consumer sentiment that there has been a significant shift among hair oil users in recent years. Young generation consumers prefer chemical-free, natural and non-greasing hair oil products to fit into their busy schedules. 


Consumers are looking for innovative hair care products that should not weigh down locks, address hair problems, stimulate hair growth, and ensure long, thick hair. People browse online, read reviews, and watch product videos to decide.


There is a trending inclination towards hair oils with deep nourishing properties, fragrance, and cost-effectiveness. Female consumers prefer popular brands, quality, and quantity of hair care products. Male consumers prefer hair oil to control dandruff and hair fall to stay more presentable.


Coconut-based hair oil and other products, such as coconut milk, hair mask, etc., provide nourishment, moisture, and strength. Coconut-based hair oils are natural, mostly without chemical elements, and can nourish deeper than most other hair oils.


We suggest Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil for holistic hair care. It ticks all the boxes to suit consumer sentiments. It has a bouquet of natural and chemical-free hair oil brands. It is light and fragrant with coconut, jasmine extracts, and vitamin E nourishment.


It moisturises the scalp and strengthens hair roots, helping to control dandruff and hair fall. We will explore more in the following sections.


In the next half, we will explore countless benefits of coconut-based hair oil with scientific stand regarding them.

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil

Benefits of Coconut-based Hair Oil


1. Antimicrobial Properties


Antimicrobial properties cover abilities to restrict and eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The study says undiluted coconut-based hair oils contain lauric and saturated fatty acids. These elements can help as protectants against bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungi, etc. Hair oils with coconut extracts can also strengthen the immune system.


Antimicrobial features control fungus on the scalp and skin. Therefore, it restricts skin problems like eczema. 


2. Anti-Dandruff Properties


Coconut-based hair oils help to protect against dry and flaky skin. Dry and scaly skin, extreme dandruff, and a rough scalp can lead to severe skin problems like Psoriasis. Coconut-based hair oil such as Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil can help control dandruff and protect against further skin-related diseases.


3. Anti-Hair Fall Properties


Coconut–based and vitamin-E-enriched hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil can go 10x deeper and nourish your hair roots from within. Strong roots ensure resilient hair growth. It helps with long and thick hair. We have mentioned above anti-dandruff and antimicrobial properties. All these together reduce hair fall and provide healthy and long hair.


4. Stimulates Hair Growth


Coconut-based hair oils nourish hair follicles, reduce itchiness, control hair fall and breakage, and protect against bacteria, fungal attacks, and other skin problems. It helps strengthen hair roots and boosts natural hair growth.


Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil provides the benefit of jasmine extracts, coconut and vitamin E. Jasmine is a good source of protein, a significant component of hair, and therefore supports excellent hair growth. Vitamin E helps to reduce hair damage and ensure natural shiny hair.


5. Moisturises Scalp and Hair


Because of their low molecular weight, coconut-based hair oils can easily penetrate your hair shafts. It may help to control dry hair, hair fall, and later bald patches and hair loss conditions. Natural hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil rejuvenate your scalp with the required moisture and protect against hair and scalp problems.

A woman with shiny and long hair

6. Protects Against Harmful Sunrays


Coconut-based hair oils provide a protective layer for hair and scalp against harmful sun rays. Therefore, control dryness and further damage.


7. Helps to Control Loss of Protein


Bleaching, blow-drying, heat styling tools, etc., can reduce your hair's protein. A study says coconut-based hair oil in pre and post-hair wash helps to lock protein and reduces hair fall. Therefore, coconut-based hair oil is vital for healthy hair.


8. Act as Stress Busters


A gentle and deep hair oil massage is a stress buster and strengthens hair strands. The quantity and hair oil depend upon the length and type of hair. According to Trichologists, oiling two to three times a week is perfect for your locks.


It is also advisable not to overuse hair oil. More hair oil means you will require more shampoo to wash it off, and this can lead to dry hair and brittle hair. Take a reasonable quantity on the palm, massage gently for 15 to 20 minutes, and keep it overnight or at least two to three hours for the best result. It will relax your muscles and strengthen your scalp and locks.

A oil massage and a happy woman

Try Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil for the potent combination of coconut, jasmine extracts, and vitamin E to leverage the countless benefits of these natural components.

FAQs on Coconut Hair Oil Benefits


1. Can I Apply Coconut-based Hair Oil After Shampoo?

Coconut-based hair oil provides an excellent moisturising effect on the scalp and hair strands. You can use it pre and post-hair wash for hydrated and shiny hair.

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