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Tips and Tricks to Repair Damaged Hair

Jun 11, 2023

10 mins

Biswajit Singh

Are you experiencing damaged hair condition?

Do you want some authentic tips and tricks to rejuvenate your dead tresses?

We will explain everything you need about damaged hair and tips to repair them. Our tips are well-researched and from leading hair care experts. You can also apply our recommended Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil for the goodness of Coconut, Vitamin E, and Jasmine extracts as a tried & tested formula for resilient hair.

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Let us begin with the reasons and types of hair damage because knowing the causes can help to prevent it before it happens.

Reasons for Hair Damage


Your hair goes through tough times due to the following conditions and elements.

  • Too much use of styling tools at high temperatures like flat irons, hot combs, blow dryers, etc.
  • Chemical substances in bleaching, hair colouring, shampoo, etc
  • Chemicals used in swimming pools
  • UV ray radiations and extended sun exposure
  • Irregular hair trimming (necessary if experiencing split ends)
  • Frequent brushing, washing, and unhealthy conditioner
  • Medical conditions like malnutrition, hormonal imbalances, inability to generate thyroid hormone due to hypothyroidism, and autoimmune connective tissue illnesses can degrade hair conditions. These medical ailments can lead to dry hair, hair thinning, etc.
  • Aggressive rubbing with a cloth or towel, rough massage with hair oil or during shampoo, sleeping with hair open, and hot showers are some other reasons for hair fall and damaged hair.

Types of Hair Damage


Environmental, habitual, and medical reasons for hair damage usually affect the cuticle or outermost layer of your hair. It makes hair follicles easy to target for further harm and hair problems.

Exposed hair follicles cause the following types of hair damage:

  • Dull and Dry Hair
  • Tangles
  • Frizzy Hair
  • Brittleness and Hair Breakage

Tips and Tricks to Repair Damaged Hair


Hair Cuts and Trims

Go for haircuts and trim at regular intervals. Trimming helps to protect against hair damage and curbs split ends. These split ends can increase hair roots if left unchecked, causing breakage and hair fall.

Hair care in the early stages of hair damage helps to ensure healthy and shiny hair.


Choose Shampoo Wisely 

Look for a hair shampoo with natural ingredients, moisturising creams, and oils with essential coconut, vitamin E, and other healthy elements. Healthy shampoos clean hair, sweat off the scalp, remove dead skin cells and nourish hair overall. It strengthens the scalp and hair follicles.

Avoid chemicals and other harmful ingredients always.


Hair Conditioning 

A gentle conditioner after shampoo ensures soft and shiny hair. Some hair conditioners can cause side effects on particular types of hair. Therefore, consider your hair type, environmental factors, and allergies (if any) before buying a hair conditioner.


Protection from Heat 

Include heat protectants in your hair care regime. We recommend Vitamin E-enriched hair oil to safeguard against heat damage. Coconut-based hair oils like Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil contain an optimum quantity of Vitamin E for healthy hair.

Hair oils with Vitamin E offer a potent combination of UV absorptive features and antioxidants. It helps to protect against harmful UV rays and minimise the impact of exposure to the sun.


Good Nutrition 

Research says vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in sound hair health. Lack or insufficient intake of these elements led to hair fall. Plan your diet to increase protein, vitamins, minerals, and other vital elements. It will groom your hair and scalp for the required strength.


Hair Hygiene

Dirty hair can cause dandruff and an itchy scalp. Itchiness can lead to weak hair follicles and, eventually, hair fall. Maintain clean hair, wash properly, and it will help to control hair damage.


Hair Oil Made of Natural Ingredients 

Hair oils with chemical substances can lead to dry hair and suck out the moisture in the hair. It is more troublesome if you have curly hair, as curls lose moisture easily compared to straight hair.

Use hair oil with natural ingredients only. You should try one of the best hair oils Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil, for the goodness of coconut oil, vitamin E, and jasmine extracts. All natural ingredients and no chemicals will repair your hair.

Oil your hair three times a week for an ideal outcome from all-natural hair oil.

Tips to Repair Damaged Hair-American Academy of Dermatology


  • Choose a gentle shampoo and natural hair oil. Apply properly on the scalp, not only on hair. It helps nutrients to reach hair follicles and strengthen hair roots to the top.
  • Know your hair type and choose hair oil and shampoo accordingly.
  • Avoid chemical substances in hair oils and shampoo
  • Wear a cap while swimming to save from chlorine.
  • A gentle hair conditioner. Apply on hair tops and not on the scalp.

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil for Damaged Hair Treatment

  • A holistic hair treatment to repair and prevent hair damage.
  • Coconut-based hair oil penetrates deeper into hair follicles and nourishes hair strands from root to tip. It also provides the required moisture and protects against dry hair. 
  • Vitamin E oil restores shiny hair. It strengthens hair and repair damaged hair.
  • The fragrance of Jasmine-infused Coconut-based hair oil enhances the look and feel of your beautiful hair.

Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil- a woman with healthy and long hair

FAQs on Damaged Hair


1. Do we need to consult a doctor for damaged hair?

You should consult a doctor if-

  • Damage hair condition is not improving despite using the tips and tricks mentioned above
  • Experiencing fatigue, weight loss, excessive hair fall, and loss, cold or heat intolerance, etc.
  • Symptoms of PCOSTop of Form


2. What are the benefits of Jasmine-infused Coconut-based Hair Oil for damaged hair?

Jasmine-infused coconut based hair oils help to moisturise your hair and scalp. Its fragrance soothes and relaxes nerves. One Trichologist recommended Jasmine-infused coconut based hair oils, Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil provides an apt combination of jasmine extracts, vitamin E, and coconut oil to repair damaged hair.

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